103. New possibilities for mental health & suicide prevention with Anne Moss Rogers

It’s time to change things up and look at suicide in a whole different way. 

In an environment where it’s easy to feel lonely, rejected or ignored, one’s sense of well-being is put into question. Oftentimes, these emotions twist our realities into heavy figures of depression and helplessness. During these times, knowing someone understands your struggles and circumstances could just turn the tables around.

In this heartfelt episode, Anne Moss Rogers shares her personal experience after her son died by suicide and how it prompted her to speak about it to help others. She explores:

*Does being healthy mean being authentic?

*What exactly is mental health?

*Does isolation help?

*Have you thought of killing yourself?

*What can you do to help someone else?

Contact Anne @ http://www.AnneMossRogers.com


Grab Anne’s book, Diary of a Broken Mind HERE

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