111. How to turn up your self confidence game right the way!

Where have you been looking for confidence and self esteem?What lies, whose lies and how many lies have you been buying about why your confidence? What if you didn’t have to look any further and you could just choose it?

Join Veronica for this empowering episode where she delivers:

*What lies have you bought about how confident you are?

*What keeps confidence away from you?

*What does it mean to be an infinite being?

*A mini guided meditation to sense your infinite being and let go of limitations and stress

*What would it take for you to follow your inner knowing?

*What else is possible for you when it comes to confidence and self esteem?

Would you like to play with Heather Nichols as she explores: The Intimacy of Potency: The 5 elements of Being

Have you been asking for too little? What if your targets were way bigger than what you have been asking for? Join Sarah Grandinetti and Natalie Kristine in Target Practice: Unhiding Your Big Targets

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