124. Inspiration & Self care during trying times with Veronica Parker

We are all going through unprecedented times. The levels of fear, worry and doubt are consistently increasing. What if you could do something today to find more inspiration, inner peace and ease with everything that is happening in the world?

What if you could tune in to a different frequency that can help you access a new space of peace and ease?

What if it didn’t have to take a long time and you could put easy tools into practice right the way?

Listen to today’s empowering episode where Veronica shares:

*What tools can you use right now to change the state of your body and mind?

*What is the biggest myth about self care?

*What mantra can you repeat for greater ease?

*Do you still have the power of choice?

*What’s the crazy phrase that can help you get out of the vibration of fear, worry and doubt?

*What can you to today to prevent friction in your relationships while spending more time quarantined at home?

*How can you change this debilitating paradigm and start noticing the gifts, blessings and miracles hidden within this stressful situation?

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We are all in this together!

Thank you for being YOU! 

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Comments 1

  1. Thank you, Veronica. This was so uplifting to remind me of my choices in life. It reminded me as an empath to separate from other people and the worlds sadness and fear.

    It was a moment of instant change when you reminded us to find our inner self that we love and expand it out to the world around. That was so lighting and enlightening.

    After so many positive, transformational group and individual classes, etc with you, even the distinctive sound of your voice reminds me to step into my good.

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