127. How can this help you deal with relationships during quarantine?

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. Obviously being in quarantine makes it impossible to go get waxed or get your hair done.  It also makes it interesting to spend 24-7 with our children and significant others.

Right? It’s like you begin to notice all those annoying little traits they have. You begin to focus on what’s wrong or not working. You begin to point the fingers at each other and hope this horrible nightmare will be over soon.

What if there was a different way to deal with all of this? What if instead you could find out what strengths and abilities you have that you didn’t even know existed?

Join Veronica for this spicy & amusing episode where she shares:

*What did she do to get waxed?

*What colors did she add to her hair?

*What special action can you take today to bring more ease and gratitude for yourself and your relationships during quarantine?

*What is something new you can try today?

*What else is possible for you now that wasn’t available before?

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How does it get better than this?

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Thank you for being YOU!


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