141. If you didn’t have this point of view, what magic could you be? with Glenyce Hughes

Would you be willing to be so different as to not judge you? What would it take to be in total allowance of you and others? What interesting points of view could you release as you access a different space of possibilities?

Tune in to this energetic episode where Glenyce and Veronica explore: 

How did Glenyce get started with her business?

What’s her fav Access Consciousness tool now?

What key question can you ask yourself before you post on social media or react to someone else’s post?

What’s the greatest manipulation you can use when someone says you are wrong?

What does it mean to be an interesting point of view and how can it help you get out of judgement?

How can you receive more allowance for you and others?

Check out Glenyce’s sparkly offerings @ glenycehughes.com

Business Masterclass with Glenyce: Communing with your Business 8/15/20

Tools to receive the judgement that could make you rich AF

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Being you intro and one day adventure classes with Veronica

What is the Healy?

Check out this episode!

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