Episode 2: Finding the courage to let go of our kids with Jen Hebert & Nancy Melara

In this episode of Live Your Happy NOW…

If you ever asked yourself…

  • Am I being a good mom?
  • How do I teach my kids to handle difficult situations?
  • How do I keep my child accountable?
  • Is failure an option?
  • Will I ever learn to let go?

If you have, you will love this episode where you get to join my friends Jen and Nancy who just dropped their oldest kids to college for the first time. Tune in and find out what it was like to let go and trust their kids would be all right. Kids don’t come with a parenting book and nobody has all the answers.

Sometimes hearing another mom’s perspective, can help us find a different way. At the very least, we can feel like we are not going through life’s adventures and challenges alone. We are in this together!

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