Episode 63: How can Harmonic Healing radically improve your health & wellbeing? with Dr. Linda Lancaster

Ever wondered how to move beyond limiting health labels and depressing disease diagnoses you might have received? Wanna know how to feel healthy, hopeful and super energized to live your happiest life? Tune in to this episode where Dr. Linda Lancaster shares:

*What are the five principles of Harmonic Healing and why should you care?

*What is your vital force and electromagnetic field?

*How can you use baths to release radiation, heavy metals and chemicals from your body?

*How can you strengthen your magnetic field to improve your health, vitality and well being?

*What are parasites and how can you get rid of them naturally?

*What are the best remedies to release candida, bacteria and viruses along with bloat and fatigue?

*How can Dr. Lancaster’s liver cleansing diet help you feel more energized, vibrant and fully alive?

*What is Dr. Lancaster’s morning practice and how does she love  balancing her busy life?

Get Dr. Linda’s Harmonic Healing Book @ http://www.LightHarmonics.org

Meet Dr. Linda @The Conscious Healing Symposium 4/27/19 in NYC


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