Episode 71: What would it take for you to receive for you on Mother’s Day & beyond?

Are you always giving, gifting and sharing with all your loved ones? Do you sometimes forget to include you in the picture? Join Veronica for this special Mother’s Day episode where she shares:

*What is she most excited about now?

*What are her newest creations?

*Clearings to help you gift & receive what you require right now.

*What happened to Veronica on Mother’s Day 12 years ago?

*How can you take care of yourself right the way?

*What would it take for you to share all of yourself with the world?

Check out Veronica’s Gifts with HEART & SOUL for moms & women we love.


I am most excited to share the Gifts of STYLE & CONFIDENCE. These are brand new creations inspired by conversations I had with friends who are moms.  Often, as moms, we feel like we give our time to everyone we love and we forget to include us in the picture…and in the process we can loose ourselves and sometimes our sense of style.

Here comes SPARK, SHIMMER AND SHINE® and CONFIDENT & VIBRANT YOU®. Let Veronica help you re-create a brand new sense of style and the confidence to own it! https://veronicaparker44.lpages.co/heartandsoulgifts/

Would you like to join us for a juicy journey to receive miracles as you become more visible and invincible? Veronica’s Miracle Mindset Mentorship Program starts on May 20, 1019 for 4 weeks online. Visit http://www.VeronicaParker44.com for more info and registration.

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