Episode 75: How do you know what is true for you?

What if you could let go of other people’s thoughts, opinions, judgements, limitations and ideas as true for you? What if you could use a super simple tool to discover what is true for you? What if this amazing tool could help you make choices with total ease and joy? What if? Tune in to this energizing episode and find out how!



Access Bars Training Class with Veronica: Saturday 5/25

Have you ever felt different, weird or like you just don’t fit in?

How many times have you let other people’s judgements define you or what you are able to accomplish?

How many times have you tried to squeeze yourself in a tiny box just to fit in, to be normal or to be the same as everybody else?

How many times did you hide yourself from the world and even from yourself?

What if you could allow yourself to fully show up as you and receive so much from everything and everyone? How much would your life change? Miracle Mindset Mentorship: 

Girls Empowerment Series: You Define You: June 13, 2019

This event is free for moms and daughters. Sponsorships are available. Would you like to be a sponsor for this series?

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