What is Kundalini Yoga? Everything You Need to Know

An article by Emilia Benton with guest expert Veronica Parker. This article originally appeared on Prevention.com. From Vinyasa to Ashtanga to Katonah, there are many different types of yoga. But one variation that’s become increasingly popular recently is Kundalini yoga. The reason: Proponents of the practice say it gives them a serious energy boost and helps them de-stress. Some people even say …

7 Yoga Poses For Studying That’ll Help You Focus & Stay Calm Ahead Of Your Exams

More often than not, studying can be painfully monotonous. Can I get an amen from all of my college and grad school students out there grinding? While there are various ways to make studying a tiny bit more tolerable, it never hurts to break up your study sessions with some rejuvenating movement that both stimulates and soothes the mind, and relieves some of that tension you’re holding on to in your body. And what better way to do that than with some yoga poses you can do while studying? Trust me, these asanas will make your cramming — I mean, studying — so much more bearable.