Check out this video I created to honor Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Magnificent Life.

I woke up this morning to the sad news of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s transition.  My heart is shedding tears of gratitude and immense love for his amazing teachings so I decided to share with you Dr. Dyer’s timeless wisdom.

Dr. Wayne Dyer was one of my first Spiritual Teachers.  His book “There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem”, showed me how to seek the connection with Spirit first in order to shift circumstances in life. I remember watching one of his inspirational PBS videos at 2 AM one night, while I was nursing my two month old son John Jay in 2003.  The show was about changing your thoughts in order to change your life.  I realized challenging circumstances didn’t have to dictate my life.  I could choose new thoughts and my life could shift also. I felt energized and excited while experiencing a new surge of power within me (even at the weee hours of the morning!).

This new sense of creativity and vibrancy became brighter and louder. Like an orchestra organizing its instruments while discovering new musical notes. In the days that followed, I began writing down new ideas and inspiring thoughts based on Wayne Dyer’s teachings.  Four months later, in the midst of nursing and diaper changing, I taught my first workshop ever at the beach.  It was called: “Change the Energy of Your Life”.  I was excited and kind of freaking out at the same time.  But I felt Wayne’s wisdom within me and I did it anyway. My life has never been the same, and I owe most of it to this incredible Teacher and Master.

Dr. Dyer wrote over twenty five inspirational books and taught countless courses that have changed millions of people’s lives.  Perhaps you have also been magically touched by him.  One of my favorite quotes of all times by Wayne is:“Don’t die with your music inside you”.  Let’s honor Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Life by connecting in our heart. Let’s discover our glittery gifts and share them with the Universe.  Let’s follow his legend by changing from within and being of service to our world. Your music is sparkly.  Nobody can play it the way you can. Believe in yourself! You can do it! Go for it NOW!

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