Connect with this Magic Mantra to overcome obstacles and manifest miracles 

Sometimes it can be hard to get out of negativity or overcome obstacles in life.

The mind wants to make us feel like it’s the boss in charge taking control of life. Practicing meditation and chanting mantras can train the mind to remember, it is NOT in charge.  YOU are!

One of my favorite mantras from the Kundalini Yoga tradition is the Magic Mantra.  As its name implies it can bring magic and miracles into your life.  It can empower you to remove obstacles and stop negativity in its tracks.  It can help you move with ease and grace as you align and flow with the infinite current of life.

Before I share this mantra with you, you need to become aware of this warning:  After you recite or chant it, everything you say will be amplified. Thus, it’s extremely important that you center yourself before reciting it AND you don’t say or think anything negative after you are done.  After all, you don’t want to manifest those thoughts into your reality.

The best part is, you just need to recite it 5X in order to receive it’s benefits.  Easy enough? Here it is:

EK Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad, Sat Gur Prasad Ek Ong Kar

Translation: God and We are One.
I know this by the Grace of the True Guru.
I know this by the Grace of the True Guru.
God and We are One.

If the word God triggers you. Just change it with Love, Life Force, Source, Infinity, or Universe.

Guru is the inner teacher who moves us from darkness into light.

You can listen to Episode 12 of Live Your Happy NOW Podcast HERE or on iTunes and and recite this mantra together with me.

Begin by sitting in a comfortable position, where you will not be disturbed for a few minutes.

Take a few deep breaths in and begin to connect with anything you are grateful for in your life.

Continue to breathe and gently close your eyes.

Begin reciting this magic mantra and imagine the sound current penetrating every single cell of your being.

Feel incredible waves of healing moving in and through you now.

Then, visualize this powerful energy moving into different areas of your life.

Feel the infinite blessings. Know miracles are taking place for you now.

Consider continuing with this practice daily for the next 40 days.

If it seems too overwhelming just do it for a week.

Then, come on over to and share your experiences with us.

– What are you noticing is beginning to change in your life?

– What new miracles are you manifesting?

– What are you willing to receive now?

Thank you so much for connecting and reciting this mantra!

I believe you have the power to change anything that is not working in your life.

We have the power to change from within and create ripples of positive change in the world.  We are never stuck.  We are one.  We are connected.

Hope is alive in our hearts!

May you be infinitely blessed!



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