Episode 112.  What tool can you use today to stop judging your body? with Donnielle Carter

In this reality, we’ve been conditioned to look for what is wrong, what is broken and what is not working in order to change it.

Is it any surprise that we find ourselves in judgment of our bodies most of the time? What if you didn’t have to live this way anymore? What if you didn’t have to force your body to do things anymore? What if you could discover a new way to communicate with your body and understand what it is trying to tell you?

Join Donnielle Carter- Author and Creator of Right Body For You Book & Workshop- and Veronica, as they joyfully explore:

*How can you include your body in the choices you make?

*What questions can you ask your body to loose weight and have way more fun?

*What does Right Body for You really mean?

*Is having a “perfect” body a choice or a judgement?

*How can you improve the relationship and communication between you and your body?

*Are you truly the creator of your body?

*How does Donnielle find happiness?

*Do you have the right body for you and are you still judging it and you?

*What is a simple and powerful tool you can use right now to get out of judgement of your body?

*What’s possible for you and your body that you didn’t think was possible?

Connect with Donnielle @http://www.Donnielle.com

Right Body For You 2.5 Day Workshop in NYC Jan 17-19 in person & via Zoom

Right Body For You- The Book

Access Bars Exchange and Zoom Conversation with Donnielle: Dec 5th, 2019: Three tips for thriving through the Holidays






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