Episode 123: What can you be and do during these challenging times? Coronavirus Part 2

It is completely normal to experience fear and anxiety during these challenging times.  Yet, there are simple steps you can take right now to completely change this debilitating vibe.

What would it take for you to choose something different with total ease? Tune in to this powerful episode where Veronica delivers:

*What breathing exercise can you do to get out of anxiety and fear?

*What myths are keeping you from creating something different?

*What question can you ask to become more aware instead of more fearful?

*Who are you really?

*What mantra can you use to allow more ease during these times?

*How can you nurture your body and calm your mind?

“You were born with a purpose. You were born to create a difference. You were born to make change available for you and others in this planet. You are a change maker. You are a leader. Now is the time to change things up”.

Veronica is here for you during these difficult times. If you are still experiencing anxiety, worry or fear, please reach out to her. She would like to help you create something different and experience more ease and peace right now.

[email protected]

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What else is possible for each and everyone of us that we never thought was possible?

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Thank you for being YOU!

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