Induce Wellness and Reduce Stress in Just 3 Minutes

I think we can all agree that life can be extremely hectic at times.  We run from activity to activity.  We check off tasks from to do lists. We can barely catch our breath, let alone find time to take care of ourselves.
For me the key to wellness, vitality and well being is to create a conscious devotional practice where I can become fully present to the moment…to myself…to what is.  This practice doesn’t have to take forever, or wait until everything else stops.
Because the reality is…Life keeps on happening…we keep on living…doing…breathing…activity will never stop…UNLESS, you make a conscious choice to take a SPARKLY PAUSE.  A gentle pause to breathe.  A pregnant pause to be. A purposeful pause to give yourself what you need, even if it’s just for 3 minutes.
Check out this video and practice it to find more inner peace, wellness and experience just a little more presence and joy. Remember, the only way you create change is by experiencing it (the practice in video)…not just watching it.
Then, write in the comments: What are you willing to consciously pause for? What gets in the way? Do you have a devotional practice? If so, sparkle these comments with your experience. 
And of course, please share with your friends!
Thank you so much!
Sat Nam!

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