Interesting and Mundane Places People Have Meditated – A Feature on

“In a Tiny NYC Hotel Bathroom”

The most interesting and UNinspiring place I’ve ever meditated in was in a tiny little hotel bathroom in New York City while traveling with family. I was in the middle of a 40-day Kundalini yoga meditation that included chanting. I had to remove myself from my room so as to not wake up the rest of my family. I placed a towel and pillow on the floor of this tiny bathroom, turned the lights out, closed my eyes and went within. While it wasn’t the most inspiring location to meditate, it did help me realize it doesn’t really matter where we are while meditating. We can always meditate anywhere. NO EXCUSES. All that counts is going within, tuning into our breath and letting go of outside conditions, situations and limitations.

-Veronica Parker, certified Kundalini yoga teacher and meditation coach of The Sacred Healing Playground

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