What is Kundalini Yoga? Here’s How You Can Get Started NOW!

I’m still flying from an incredible yoga immersion weekend where I got to practice powerful yoga classes all day for three days.  I also had the amazing opportunity to teach Kundalini Yoga at the end of every day.  Kundalini Yoga is like Divine music to my soul. It reaches deep within me and untangles all my knots.  It inspires me to flow, open up and become receptive to all the blessings, possibilities and opportunities available at all times.

One of the reasons why I love Kundalini Yoga (KY) so much, is because you can do it anywhere at anytime.  You don’t need to travel to a remote destination or give up your daytime job to practice it.  Of course, you can go to a yoga studio nearby and take a full class. But you can also bring with you any pearls you enjoyed from your class and practice them right where you are, whenever you need them most.

During a typical Kundalini Yoga class we start by having you sit down on a mat, cushion or chair, while having soft mantra music playing in the background.  We begin by tuning in together to a mantra of connection: ONG NAMO GURUDEV NAMO: I bow to my inner creative wisdom…To my inner teacher bringing me from darkness into light.

This mantra unlocks your inner creative wisdom by connecting you to your inner teacher and to the all the teachers in Kundalini Yoga. After tuning in, we practice a breathing exercise to help you relax and go within.  You let go of outside distractions by closing your eyes and diving into your inner self.  You get to concentrate on your breath in different ways as you begin to shift the chemicals in your brain.  This initiates the process of elevation as you get ready for a high high ride! This is where awareness rises and your expansive experience takes flight.

The class continues with warm ups to bring flexibility to your spine and your body.  IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW FLEXIBLE YOU ARE.  ANYBODY CAN PRACTICE YOGA!

Next, you get to experience one of Yogi Bhajan’s Kriyas.  This is a set of specific yoga asanas or poses with a specific purpose or result.  There are so many effective Kriyas that have been given to us by the Master of Kundalini-Yogi Bhajan- who brought Kundalini Yoga to the US in the 70’s.

At the end of class you get to lay down in Shavasana which is usually followed by a meditation or chanting.  You feel so at peace and relaxed!

Believe it or not, I actually learned about KY through its music.  About six years ago, I totally fell in love with the mantras that Snatam Kaur (famous artist) composed. Her music is so angelic. I would play these life changing mantras everywhere.  I would sing them all the time- for every reason and for no reason at all. This sound current carries a high vibe which acts like a code unlocking all the greatness lying dormant within you.  It moves through you gracefully and helps you feel relaxed, clear and uplifted.

It was only two years later when I finally realized that there was actually yoga “attached” to this music. So, I did the next logical- or crazy- thing.  I enrolled in teacher training.  I studied for nine months in NYC. My main teacher is the absolute “Queen of Kundalini Yoga” (I enthroned her with this title). She is a 75 year old wise and loving teacher named Gurmukh Kaur.  But don’t let the wise and loving adjectives fool you.  She is tough as a tigress. She can hold a pose for the longest time like no other. AND, she totally expects you to do the same.  

There is no giving up in her Queendom! You must always keep up! This forced me to learn how to focus deeply on my breath, how to train my mind and how to keep up, even in the midst of excruciating pain I wouldn’t dare give up. At first it was just because I didn’t want to be embarrassed by having my teacher call me out.  Later, it was because of the respect I had for her, that I wanted to keep up.  Near the end, it was because of the respect I had for ME, that I didn’t want to let me down.  So, I would just keep up!

I experienced so many positive changes during teacher training. It actually made the discipline, sacrifice, and pain totally worth it.  My nervous system became so much stronger.  My body became powerful and light at the same time.  My mind became a slave to my command.  

The great thing about it is that you don’t have to go through nine fierce months of Kundalini Teacher Training to experience these results.  You can just practice at a local studio, watch a video online, or just follow the series of videos I’m gifting you to learn how to change yourself from the inside out as you discover more of your inner truth.

This is your Sat Nam.  Sat means Truth.  Nam means identity.  Sat Nam means: Truth is my identity.  It is who I am.  I am divine.  This is a powerful mantra we use often in Kundalini Yoga to cut through all the B.S. To get us right into what is our Spiritual Truth.

This is how you can get started NOW!

Try this now: take a deep breath in as you repeat silently SAT in your mind. Exhale as you repeat Nam in your mind.  Inhale: SAT.  Exhale: NAM. Inhale: SAT. Exhale: NAM.  Now, say it out loud.  SAT. NAM. SAT NAM. SAT NAM. SAT NAM. SAT NAM.

Just notice how you feel now and what might have already changed within you.  YEP! It’s that easy!

All you have to do is:

  • Say yes!
  • Show up!
  • Commit to your practice.
  • Keep up!

Keep up and you will be kept up! Yogi Bhajan

When you keep up with your practice and change from the inside out, you begin to send new powerful messages to the Universe.  Then, the Universe/Divinity/ShePower/God responds by keeping up with you and sending you infinite blessings.

Are you ready to receive them?

I AM!  And in case you were wondering, no experience is necessary! You can start right where you are.  There’s no better time than NOW.  Every little bit counts.  

Wishing you the best on your juicy journey of Kundalini Yoga as you get to re-member, re-joy-ce and recognize your True Sparkly Self!

Sat Nam,


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