Learn How to Connect with Your Ultimate Power

The only constant in life is change. We are always transforming and evolving.  The key to letting go of worry, doubt and fear is connecting to something greater than yourself.  The ultimate Power of the Universe exists within you.  Watch this video and learn how to conquer your mind while experiencing your Happily Ever NOW.

Your invitation for the next few days is to make a commitment to yourself by breathing consciously for at least five minutes per day.  Begin your day by connecting to the Power of the Universe through your conscious breath. Plug in to your breath and experience this magical connection.  Notice when you are breathing shallow or holding your breath as you move through your day.  Remember as you flow through your life changes, that you are not doing it alone! You are always connected and supported by Divinity.  The Universe has your back and it is sustaining you on your juicy journey.

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