What MORE is possible for you in 2020 & beyond?


What if you could just...in 2020?

Just Start!
Just Ask!
Just Choose
Just Create!
Just Receive!
Just Be!

💜 What would your life be like if you could start 2020 fully immersed in the energy of more possibilities?

💜 How much more money, more ease and more joy could you create & receive?

💜 How much more energy could you have by no longer getting caught up in the distraction of judgements, pain & limitations?

You are invited to join Veronica for an exciting new program...MORE in 2020!

Receiving Beyond Money!


Where you get to choose you & more of the infinite possibilities & choices available NOW that were never available before!

It’s 6 weeks of MORE in 2020!
Energetic Experiences allowing you to unravel more of your power, presence & possibilities beyond anything that was ever available before.
You can choose ALL or individually each one!


Week 1: Just Ask Jan 6-Jan 12


1/9 1pm EST

Week 2: Just Dive Jan 13-Jan 19


1/14 9 am EST

Week 3: JUST CHOOSE Jan 20-Jan 26


1/22 12pm EST

Week 4: JUST CREATE Jan 27-Feb 2


1/30 8:30am EST

Week 5: JUST RECEIVE Feb 3-Feb 9


2/6 12pm EST

Week 6: JUST BE Feb10-17


2/12 12pm EST

What is this program?

Conversations on WhatsApp private group. Connect with other members and stay immersed in the energy & vibe of what more is possible instead of dwelling on what is wrong or what is impossible.

Receive a 5 min daily video via WhatsApp from Veronica Parker with awesome Access Consciousness tools & process

Participate live in a weekly 45 min zoom where you can receive & ask questions. You also receive the recording if you can’t participate live.

Receive $360 worth of Bonuses when you Choose all 6 experiences!

BONUSES: $360 Value

1. Morning exercises for accessing MORE!
(mp3 you can listen to every day)

2. Evening exercise to release and let go
(mp3 you can listen to before going to bed).

3. Energetic journey to say good bye to 2019
(mp3 to tune into any time you feel stuck in limitations & doubts).

4. Energetic journey to receive 2020 with the most possibilities for ease, joy & glory you have never imagined before!
(Mp3 to dive into what is possible for you in 2020).

Your investment:

$75 per experience/week
$350 when you choose all 6!

***Save $100 & receive $360 in bonuses!***

How does it get any better than this?

DownloadWhatapp for your phone here

What more is possible for you in 2020 & beyond?

What more are you willing to choose?

We start on December 30th, 2019!
What would it take for you to gift 🎁 🎁 🎁
YOU the GIFT of MORE this Holiday season?


Veronica Parker is a wellness mindset coach, certified miracle worker & Access Bars Facilitator. She is also a certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher who has been featured in Forbes, Shape, Prevention, I AM & Co, Elite Daily, Bustle & Thrive Global.

She absolutely loves playing in the field of infinite possibilities inviting others to expand and reach beyond the sky.