How to Overcome Fear & Uncertainty by Falling in Love with Your Divine Spark

We are living in turbulent times, where the energies are so high and the speed at which change happens has accelerated exponentially.

Our emotions are heightened and we can feel the pull and push of resistance, anger and fear as we move through the important changes happening in our country and the world.

The way to thrive during these times is NOT by commiserating and wallowing in our missery.

It is NOT by letting fear, stress and worry take over your life, but to wake up and to step into your calling: to activate your mission to be the leader, the healer, the beacon of light that you were born to be and become. 

It’s time to step up to the plate and rise up to live on purpose. I can’t think of a better way to do this, than to dive within and  fall in love with our Divine Spark!

Falling in love with Her allows you to first dive deep into your heart.  Right? I mean, you can’t fall in love with someone just in your mind.

Then, you get to live in the realm of the Divine, where no difficult situation, political conflict or unwanted circumstance can even touch you.

You get to become totally enthralled with the Divine Spark of Love living inside of you.    

You get to strengthen each and every system of your being.  

You get to magnify your magnetic field as you  beam and radiate this love. which is the essence of who you really are.

Eight fun keys to fall in love with your Divine Spark:

  1. give your spark a nickname: like sweety, honey, booby, etc
  2. make it a priority
  3. give it your attention by setting your intention
  4. Dive into your heart to experience it more fully
  5. spend time with it, make it feel special, don’t ignore it: take her to dates
  6. Listen to her (meditation)
  7. Talk to him (affirmative prayer)
  8. Share this amazing love you generated with the world by iginiting your spark and living your most purposeful life

So, when you fall in love with your Divine Spark, you are actually falling in love with yourself.  and when you love yourself in this deep way, you begin to fall a little more in love with all beings of the world.

So begin to fall in love and enter into a spiritual relationship with Divinity within.  

Where you remember, recognize and see it as you allow it to see ALL of you.  Just as you are.  Bringing all aspects of you into the light.

And sharing your purpose of elevating and uplifting others more fully.

After all…it’s all about the sparkles. Isn’t it?

 Let your Divine Spark Shine & share it with the Universe.

It’s a win-win relationship. Don’t you think?

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