Self Care Play Dates : Day 3


Inner Goddess Glitterfying Ritual 

Here are four simple steps for your Inner Goddess Glitterfying Ritual:

  1. Set Your Clear Intention: Light a candle and ignite your intention to bring forward your Inner Goddess as you love yourself fully today. A.k.a be kind with yourself. Let go of self judgement and negative self talk. That means: Be nice to yourself when you look in the mirror. Stop the “I’m too fat, I’m not skinny enough. I’m not toned enough. I shouldn’t have had that ice cream last night. I need to work out more. I wish my arms wouldn’t sag and my butt would look tighter in these jeans”. Is that how a Goddess speaks? No way! Give yourself a break! Just for today, accept yourself as you are. ‘Cause you are really amazing! You are the best solution seeker and problem solver. You are sexy, smart and resourceful. You are creative, beautiful and totally intuitive. You always knows what everybody needs. Cut yourself some slack and enjoy the ride for once. Be nice to yourself today!
  2. Invoke the Breath of the Goddess: Hug your inner goddess (by hugging yourself) and take three deep breaths in and out. How do you feel now? When you take time to breathe, you get time to connect within. You let go of the outside world, even for just a few seconds. You release labels, conditions and rules that tell you who you “should” be or how to behave. Breathing inspires you to connect your energy and awareness with our Inner Goddess and her wonderful world of passion, power and possibility.
  3. Wear something sparkly & invite your inner goddess to play: You’ve already set your intention, taken a deep breath and connected with your inner goddess. Now, it’s time to ask her to come out and play. What better way to do it than to wear something sparkly? Bring out a colorful scarf, a shiny shirt or a little sparkly eyeliner.

Ask: Inner goddess, what do you need to receive today? Pause, listen and notice what she says. Then, give your goddess what she needs. Let her show you how to love and appreciate you more. Let her allure you into her sexy world.

    1. Say this affirmation: I am brave. I am bold. I am bodacious. Repeat this affirmation out loud at least three times and say it in your mind any time you need reinforcement during your day. Most importantly, take your Goddess stance today and feel her emerging within you!