21 days of:

Changing Pain, Judgements and Limitations into Potency, Possibilities and Profitability.

  • What pain are you using to refuse the possibilities with money & beyond you could be choosing?

  • What if you could receive so much more money & beyond than ever before? How would your life change? How much more could you be, create and receive?

  • What if it didn't have to be difficult and you could actually enjoy it? How much more fun could you have?

Would you like to join us for 21 Days of RECEIVING BEYOND MONEY?

Receiving Beyond Money!


Veronica is guiding & facilitating you through 21 days of changing pain, judgements and limitations into potency, possibilities and profitability.

Play daily with Veronica via Zoom for 30 minutes
Videos and mp3 recordings sent to you
Access a private FB group to ask questions, connect and interact with other brilliant beings

What can you receive?

 More money, moolah, cash!
 Ease, joy & S P A C E within your body and life
 Activation of your super powers
What would you like to receive?

Explore & Receive these pragmatic tools & potent processes based on Access Consciousness:

The Possibility Process
Money-Money come to me
Energetic Infinite Being Meditation
Energetic Pulls & Clearings
Simultaneity of Giving & Receiving
The IPOV tool


November 5-26, 2019

Zoom times:

November 5-8: 8:30am-9am EST
November 9-16: 12pm-12:30pm EST
November 17-26: 8:30am-9am EST

Convert to your time: 8:30am EST, 12pm EST.



Is NOW the time to dissolve all pain and excuses while receiving and actualizing so many more possibilities than ever before?

What is possible for you to receive money & beyond that you didn’t think was possible?


Veronica Parker is a wellness mindset coach, certified miracle worker & Access Bars Facilitator. She is also a certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher who has been featured in Forbes, Shape, Prevention, I AM & Co, Elite Daily, Bustle & Thrive Global.

She absolutely loves playing in the field of infinite possibilities inviting others to expand and reach beyond the sky. 



What if the sky wasn't the limit but a brand new beginning of what has yet to be created?

Would you like to come & play in the field of infinite possibilities together?