Worry or Not? It’s always your choice!

Life is always changing and change can feel challenging! There are so many things we could always worry about: our children and parents’ well being, our demanding jobs, our health or having enough money in our bank accounts.

What keeps you up at night? What do you worry about?

I was recently a speaker and exhibitor at two expos in NJ and Philly. Different women were asking for help to let go of worry. Worry is the filler factor. It tends to clog our minds and lives with doubt. Worrying keeps us feeling heavy and stuck. It doesn’t leave much room to breathe, feel good and see our dreams blossoming right in front of our eyes.

So, in the midst of doing Glitterfying Healing Sessions at the expos, this is what I shared:

Regardless of how many opportunities you find in your life to worry, you always have a choice: To worry or not? The thing is, when you think about worrying or not worrying, all you get is more and more worry.

There is something you can do instead. You can stop dwelling in the future or the past and become fully present here and now. You can connect with your breath and decide to infuse your life with TRUST.

Watch this video, to learn how to turn worry into trust. Then, share with us in the comments section what you are doing to let go of worrying NOW.

BTW, our Glitterfying Healing Sessions empowered the worrying women to feel “lighter, peaceful and more centered”. Trust works. Period.

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