What if One Breath could change the world?

Your Breath is free and practical. Breath does not age or discriminate, and its power liberates us from our personal wounds, our own rejecting judgements, and transgressing thoughts.

A breath we inhale, in exchange for hate.

A breath we inhale, in exchange for pain.

A breath we inhale, in exchange for blame.

One breath, breathing us all, elevating our awareness and liberating us from our own rejecting judgements and transgressing thoughts.

One breath...setting us free to choose from our heart instead of the wounds of our past.

Take a deep breath.  Become A Breath Ambassador today.

Join the One Breath for Change Foundation.  Help us spread change in the world by contributing to organizations creating transformation in our world.

Contribute today! and nominate your favorite non-for profit organization. We will select an organization quarterly to donate proceeds and create positive change in our world.

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