Live Your Happy Now Podcast

Live Your Happy NOW Podcast with Veronica Parker gives us a sacred space where we can connect from the heart and truly show up as we are. It is not about pretending to be happy all the time and hiding fears, sadness or negative thoughts. It’s about embracing it ALL. It’s learning to choose your happy even in the midst of challenge, doubts and struggles.

Join Veronica each week for uplifting conversations with inspiring guests, spiritual insights, and sparks of motivation to get you energized and moving beyond limitations. We will discuss wellness, spirituality, mind/body/spirit connection, yoga, meditation, relationships, activism, parenting, health, fitness and nutrition.

Veronica Parker is a Wellness & Spiritual Leader, Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Meditation Coach. Her passion is empowering others to thrive by unleashing confidence, creativity and connection.

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You don’t have to wait until everything is perfect to be happy. Come alive! Start right now!

Episode 93: Do you have to find out what’s wrong in order to change it?

August 22, 2019

In this energizing episode Veronica shares: How to move beyond procrastination and feeling lost. How to change what is no longer working without necessarily knowing what's wrong. How to choose and create beyond this reality by accessing your innate magic. What would it take to receive so much more in your life? Join us for this Access Bars Certification Class ...

Episode 92: What R U aware of that you haven’t been able to acknowledge?

August 13, 2019

Ever feel stuck, stressed or like you just don't know what to do next? In this energizing episode, Veronica shares a powerful presentation she delivered at Joyful Gathering Spiritual Center where she talks about: *What is Veronica's definition of awareness? *How can awareness help you upgrade your life? *How can awareness empower you to move beyond limitations and create the ...

Episode 91: 8-8 Portal for Change Beyond this World

August 9, 2019

Are you willing to access and activate this incredible portal for change beyond this world? Tune in to this empowering episode where Veronica shares: *What is this amazing portal for change and transformation? *What would it take for you to be more of you? *What potency are you hiding and what would it take for you to shine it? *What ...

Episode 90: Ask & it is given!

August 6, 2019

In this engaging episode Veronica shares her fun encounter in Bermuda and how it inspired these empowering conversations about: -Esther & Abraham Hicks. -The Law of Attraction. -Dissolving stratifications and limitations. -Manifesting and actualizing your deepest desires. -What are the beautiful energies underneath? -What would it take to create more? -Melting into what else is possible and how to create ...

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