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Credibility Logos
Credibility Logos

Are you still waiting?

Are you still waiting for your prince charming, your enchanted castle, or $100,000 in your bank account to be happy? Your point of power is in the present moment. Discover how you can connect with your inner sparkly essence and experience your happy now, not later.

Healing & CoachingHealing & Coaching

Let go of stress & limitations as you strengthen your Divine connection. Experience more passion, purpose & prosperity. Contact Veronica to learn more.

Yoga & Meditation

Learn how to control your mind while unleashing your creative potential. Participate in a yoga class or meditation program and discover what is truly possible.

Workshops & EventsWorkshops & Events

Veronica’s events are glitterfying and empowering, described often by participants as life changing. Learn how to heal yourself while uplifting the world!

"The ideal purpose of your life is that you are grateful - great and full - that you are alive, and you enjoy it." Yogi Bhajan