Let's Get Glitterfied!

What if everything you thought was impossible could become possible for you?
All of Life comes to us with total ease, joy & glory.

What if receiving from the Spirit world is one of the greatest gifts possible? Would you like to learn how to develop and activate your psychic awareness to create the most out of life? Would you like to know that everything you require is already within you and the Universe is fully supporting you?


Playing with Invisible BeingsChoose Your Gift!

Live Your Happy NOW!

The time is now! You are the ONE!

If you are happy & you know it!GET YOUR HAPPY ON!
Live Your Happy NOW Podcast
Live Your Happy NOW Podcast

Live Your Happy NOW Podcast & SOLtate Más! Podcast

Uplifting conversations with inspiring guests, spiritual insights, and sparks of motivation to get you energized and moving beyond limitations.

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Credibility Logos
Credibility Logos
What Impact do you desire to have on the planet?

You are invited to join us and access a different space of Possibility…

A different possibility where...

  • You get to stop doubting yourself
  • You get to TRUST YOU & what you know
  • You get to choose to commit your life & living
  • You get to positively impact the planet and create a different future of infinite possibilities

Would you be willing to say YES & create this reality together?

Healing & CoachingHealing & Coaching

Let go of stress & limitations as you strengthen your Divine connection. Experience more passion, purpose & prosperity. Contact Veronica to learn more.

Yoga & Meditation

Learn how to control your mind while unleashing your creative potential. Participate in a yoga class or meditation program and discover what is truly possible.

Workshops & EventsWorkshops & Events

Veronica’s events are glitterfying and empowering, described often by participants as life changing. Learn how to heal yourself while uplifting the world!