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Stories from the Glitterfied

Veronica’s guided meditations help me become more calm and peaceful. I can relax and become more present, which is great for me as I lead an incredibly hectic life creating new products and promoting Scrub Daddy.

Aaron Kraus Founder & CEO Scrub Daddy
I have been working with Veronica for over 5 years now. In the beginning, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from our sessions. I can say over the years, I have gotten more than I could ever imagine or even put into words. Veronica has helped me grow and expand in a way that is unique to me. I have been able to change previous beliefs, learn to love myself and see the joy in others. Her sessions are done in a way that is always free from any judgement and she allows me to completely be myself and to become more comfortable being the person I really want to be. I enjoy learning about all the different healing modalities. I am grateful for Veronica in my life. I would not be the teacher, mother and wife I am today without her.
Jessica Gardner, B.A. Owner Yoga Voorhees & Plainsboro
Veronica is a wizard! She has a very playful approach to help you change whatever you need. Our sessions are very powerful, and clear things from the past that I didn’t even know I was holding onto. I feel so much lighter and better. Everything Veronica does comes from a safe place of unconditional love. She breaks things down in such an easy fun way to make any fear disappear so that you can enjoy this gift of life we’ve been given. I think the greatest gift that Veronica has given me, is tools to connect with my father who passed away last year. She taught me that just because I can’t be with him physically does not mean he is not with me.Rachel H New Jersey, USA
Working with Veronica I immediately feel relaxed and comfortable. She has lead me through meditation and an extensive healing process. Originally I sought out Veronica when my daughter was diagnosed with cancer. We got the diagnosis and I thought I will welcome all healing. Hearing my daughter had cancer filled me with an enormous amount of fear. We did one session with Veronica and I felt hopeful and positive. Shortly after the first session the three of us met in person (My daughter, Veronica and I) and I am not sure if it was during or after I knew my daughter would be well. And she has been healed!I continued to work with Veronica. I had feelings of great fear and terrible loss because I was dealing with my recent divorce, my daughter’s cancer diagnosis and the recent loss of my two closest friends. Veronica helped me to heal. She helped me eliminate my fear and be in charge of my own happiness. Since I have met Veronica my life has changed. My outlook is different. My faith is more powerful. I feel calm, healthy, connected and my perception of the world is positive. I know anything is possible. I cannot say enough about Veronica. She is a true healer. She is generous, kind, loving and full of magic.Everything is different as a result of working with her. My perception of time has changed; the trials don’t last as long as the joy. I don’t wait in fear and worry as much. I actually believe that everything will be okay.Sharon Galth Mom, Teacher, Believer in Life!
With Veronica’s help I could heal family issues, find the perfect house and the money to pay for it. I got to: travel around the world, purchase the perfect car, compose and record my first songs, enjoy my voice and my musical way, enjoy a deep spiritual connection with my husband, meet loving friends, work with great people… I can’t even count all the changes I’ve experienced! Veronica helped me understand the power that is inside of me that can create anything I really want. As she inspires me in life I see how I inspire others.Valeria Ebu Isaac Singer, Composer, Spiritual teacher
I consider Veronica a great friend with a beautiful, clear energy, so when I experienced a personal crisis, I sought Veronica’s professional help. Her energy was amazing, even more clear and focused during a session than in our usual time together. The sessions were wonderful and helped my family and me through that challenge. Later, I participated in Veronica’s I Am Quantum Coaching Program. I Loved the meditations, the guidance, and the opportunities for creatively expressing my visions and meditative experiences. Even more, I Loved the one-on-one coaching calls with Veronica, whose insightfulness was crystal-clear and whose guidance brought me to new places and ways of experiencing the Peace of living in the I AM state of being. During one of those calls, Veronica guided me to see God’s idea of my abundance in life. The image that came to me has stayed with me and returns again and again to remind me of all sorts of elements of Divine Supply~ abundance, solutions, time, ideas, etc. I have enjoyed, benefitted by, and grown through every opportunity that I’ve taken to work and play with Veronica Parker. I consider both my friendship and my professional relationship with her to be Blessings in my life.Mary Note Law Founder of Shine Meditations
Working with Veronica has been amazing! Her energy is palpable, and she exudes love and compassion so no-matter what it is I bring for healing, revealing or expansion, it is always a nurtured and powerful time. When blocks come up, I’m feeling stuck or I just want to accelerate a process, Veronica has tuned in and assisted just that. I feel so blessed to have such an energetic powerhouse to support my journey! Thank you Veronica for all of the beautiful, dedicated work that you do for me, and the world!Julie Fisher RScp, RTT, CMT, RYT 500 Co-Founder Live in Joy Yoga & Wellness
I have had the gift and pleasure to work with Veronica in many different capacities over the last several years.Veronica is my Reiki teacher and my IET teacher; I have also participated in her Breath Blueprint program and have done a number on individual healing sessions with her over the years. Needless to say, I love Veronica and her work!!! Veronica is a powerful healer and teacher, who lives Love, teaches Love and shares her Love through all the work she does! Her work has helped me in so many ways… she has helped me to discover my own abilities to channel divine healing energies, she has supported me to make major shifts in my life and let go of patterns that have kept me stuck. She has also taught me so much about joyfully living in this NOW moment!CH New Jersey, USA