138. What else can you ask for that you haven’t considered? with Alun Jones

What more is possible that you have never chosen in the past?

What if you start this new day, new month, new beginning asking empowering questions to create the life you truly desire?

Tune in to this energetic episode where Certified Coach and Consciousness Facilitator, Alun Jones shares the power of asking questions to direct the course of your life.

Can you have a child like sense of playfulness and curiosity when you ask questions?

If you never had to make yourself wrong for anything, what could you choose?

What if you are more brilliant than anyone acknowledged you for?

What is Alun’s brand new blingy watch and what are the infinite possibilities of having one?

Connect with Alun @ AlunJones.UK

Alun’s 3000 ASKS: Do you dare? 

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How does it get better than this?

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