Can you believe the end of the year is almost here? I love reflecting on crazy changes gone by, ecstatic experiences had and incredible insights appearing to have mysteriously shown up.

As I celebrate it all, the kaleidoscope of my life shape shifts right in front of my eyes. It’s glittery colors are bright and blinding. It’s immensity is confounding.  It’s synchronicities and connections heighten my strong belief in something amazing and astounding: The power of LOVE as a magical thread connecting everything and everyone at all times. The perfection of God guiding and granting the best always.

I now realize every seemingly block that has shown up this last year, made me dig deeper and discover something new inside.  In the midst of fear, doubt and worry, I discovered what emerged as overwhelming obstacles, were simply bridges into a wholehearted, more deLIGHTful, sparklier version of Divinity within me.

The best part of it all, at least in my opinion, is the fact that I couldn’t have crossed these bridges without you.  YES! YOU! Your courage, determination and constant support have made it easier for me not just to get through, but to actually thrive reaching for more.  To absolutely do what I love helping you heal and discover your own bright light. To be in service to Divinity as often as I can.To fly beyond the sky as I embrace what I could really become.

What about you? What are your top 3 insights from last year? What are you looking forward to embracing in the new year? Share your comments with us HERE.

I am grateful for having you in my life and I am also thankful to all my amazing angels for guiding, directing and protecting me at all times.  I couldn’t have flown through this past year without you.

Remember to call on your angels on 2016 to guide you on your most blissful path.  Even what appears to be frightful changes and challenges are blessings to be celebrated in the long run. May your new year glow with everything you love & enjoy as you discover more!

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