Cast Your Vote for Love! Here’s how…


Thank God election day is finally here!  I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely happy, excited and totally relieved to see an end to the tireless election battle that has been consuming our country for the last eight months.


If you’ve been watching the news, commercials or even scrolling through social media, you’ve definitely seen  and may be even felt a sense of division, anger, blame and shame as raging politics overtook our thought stream.


So, how do we get over it? How do we come back to a place of oneness where we allow our Spiritual truth to return to the fore-front of our lives?


No matter who you are choosing to vote for during this election, you can definitely help re-shape what’s happening here and everywhere right NOW.


The key, as I see it, is to cast a vote for LOVE– not the mushy, romantic,softly feely kind of love,
but Love with a capital L.
Love as a major Power underlying & directing everything in our lives.
Love as a way to unite and connect what appears to be partitioned or broken.
Love as a healing potion empowering us to transform from within and
create positive change in our country and the world.


As you go to vote, or wake up the morning after to see who is our new president choose to connect with this practice:


Cast your Vote for LOVE! Simply follow these 4 simple steps:
1) Surrender & Ask for help: Close your eyes and say a simple prayer to Infinite Intelligence, God, Angels, Divinity. You could say: Angels please help me with these feelings_________/this election______/this new beginning and return us back to Love.


2) Breathe & Connect with Love: Place your hands over your heart.  Begin to breathe this newly streamed love.  See yourself surrounded by a sparkly bubble of infinite love and light.  Continue to breathe and allow it to expand.


3) Trust & Believe it’s possible: the power of love is in charge today and throughout this new beginning. Let all sense of doubt, fear and worry dissolve in the arms of love.


4) Receive & Share from your heart:  Envision this wave of love around everyone you care deeply for.  See this infinite field of love surrounding everyone in this country, the candidates and the newly elected president.  Feel this love moving across borders, melting all sense of separation, fear and pain. Know without a shadow of a doubt that LOVE ALWAYS WINS.


Repeat this process daily for at least a week and notice how you begin to change from within! Share your insights and changes here:


Together we can do it.  Together we can create ripples of positive change.  Together we can Believe in the Power of LOVE again!

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