When the going gets tough…Don’t give up! Keep up!

Periods and full moons make me weepy and super emotional. Salty tears are sliding down my cheeks as I’m writing this note to you. I’m not angry or sad.  I’m not disillusioned or mad.  I am unraveling within and marveling at the winks of human kindness.

Earlier today, I published a FB post and sent a single text to neighbors and friends.  It read: “As you know, Ecuador was hit by a major earthquake and they need your help! We are collecting kids/adults summer clothes and non-perishable food until tomorrow night.  Feel free to drop all items at my house”.

Less than five hours later, answers, solutions, and donations start gushing in.  We already have three huge boxes and five giant black trash bags overflowing with clothes, diapers, toiletries and food galore.  Everybody I asked, said YES! Everybody was ready to help.

See, this is precisely what makes my heart grow and almost explode.  It’s these not-so-random acts of human kindness, which are not often publicized.  It’s when we get to peek within and see what we are really made out of- our Sat Nam– Our true identity.

We might not always agree, and sometimes even fight.  We might go crazy when someone doesn’t understand how they ‘are’ so wrong and why we are ‘obviously’ right. I mean, aren’t you right all the time?

Nonetheless, underneath our murky layers, sizzling anger and confusing mis-understandings, we are made of Infinite L-O-V-E.  Not the mushy, kissy kind.  This Love blurs dividing lines and ignites our world to be glitterfied.  This Love overcomes paralyzing illusions of fear, limitation and separation.  This Love unleashes and unites our human race despite our intrinsic differences, genetic colors, and countless faiths.

I can’t really tell you why devastating tragedies happen.  Can you? All I know is Mother Nature, The Universe or God always find a way.  A way in, when most hope is lost.  A way out, when you are feeling stuck.  A way through, when you are almost ready to give up.

So, don’t give up.  Keep up! and keep helping out human kind.  In the end, you might just find out, you are really helping yourself on your way to elevating the world!

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