How do you pray & affirm what you want?

The energy in our world today continues to be super strong.  If you’ve been feeling confused, frustrated or stressed out, or like the Universe is imploding on your shoulders, you are not alone.  There is intense energy swirling around us creating a vortex for clearing and change…the dreaded word!

Change can seem difficult or unsettling, yet it usually brings us further into deeper levels of well being and transformation.  However, it can take you on a whirlwind as you are spinning in and through it. Don’t worry or get stressed!

Spiritual Mind Treatment (SMT) can help you overcome change by coming over to a greater Presence. SMT is a magnificent way of praying to release all unwanted while affirming your Spiritual Truth. The fact is that no matter what seems to be taking place outside of you, there is always wholeness, peace and perfection lying deep within you.

Check out this video where you can learn more about this powerful form of prayer and receive your very own treatment for more health, abundance, prosperity and well being.

Here’s to moving through these challenging changes with ease, grace and waking up to a new dawn overflowing with unconditional love, light and infinite joy!


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